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Caring for your Bali Ata Grass Handbag

Many people have asked me how to care for their True Tropic bag. The Ata grass (sometimes spelled Ate or Arta ) is a type of vine which is indigenous to the volcanic foothills of the island of Bali, Indonesia. In its natural state, it is much stronger than Rattan and more rigid and structured than Straw, and the weaving process used by the skilled artisans of the Tenganan region makes for a very durable work of art.

With a modest amount of care, your basket purse will last a lifetime. I still have the first Ata bag I bought over 15 years ago.

To clean, simply wipe your basket purse with a damp rag and allow to air dry. When in storage, you can keep it in a cotton bag to keep the dust away. If needed, simply blow the dust away with a blow dryer or the type of compressed air used to clean a computer keyboard.

Most of all, enjoy your Bali Bag.

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