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Welcome to True Tropic!

Thank you for visiting our site.  After much hard work (and a lot of patience) I'm so excited to finally have True Tropic up and running! Many people have asked me in the past year why I decided to sell purses from Bali. It's a very good question. 
I purchased my very first Bali Ata bag about 15 years ago from a small upscale gift shop and immediately fell in love with it.  I had never seen anything like it before.  Every time I used it, I would get compliments-even from men!  It's still in great shape today.  Since then, I've tried to find other Bali Bags to give as gifts, but haven't had any luck.  Now I know why.
I decided to start a business that would bring Ata Bags to the U.S. and have a variety of designs and sizes.  Once I started my research, I learned that these bags are made from Ata Grass which only grows on the Eastern end of Bali.  Also, they are hand-crafted by a skilled group of Balinese people who have learned this art of weaving through many generations.  Because they take up to a month to make and even longer to ship to the U.S, it became apparent to me why they were so hard to find.
Please have fun looking through our debut collection. We have many new styles arriving in the next month.  You can sign up if you would like to be alerted once they hit the dock!
Thanks for reading!

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