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About Bali Ata Bags

These beautiful Ata Bags and Purses are specially made for True Tropic. They are crafted from Ata Grass, which comes from a forest in eastern Bali. This grass is moisture resistant and very durable.

The Ata Grass is split into four pieces and woven into many designs to create the bags. The unique skills and techniques for this art have been passed down and perfected over many generations of Balinese women. These women create these works of art in their homes.

After the bags are woven, they are dried under the sun for several days and then smoked over a coconut husk fire to obtain their golden brown color. Depending on the size, it can take up to a month to finish each bag. This process leaves behind a smoky scent which most people find pleasant. If you prefer to remove the scent, this is easily done by spraying with Febreze and leaving the bag in the fresh air for a day or two.

We hope you enjoy your True Tropic bag for many years to come!